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Appointment of New MBAex Advisor Mr.Bryan Feinberg (ICC Member under The Financial Commission)

2018-03-28 12:18:33.0

Dear MBAex Users, 

MBAex is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bryan Feinberg as an official MBAex Advisor, effective 26 March 2018.

The biographical details of the newly appointed advisor are set out below.

BRYAN FEINBERG, CEO & Founder at Etheralabs
Bryan Feinberg is the CEO and Founder of Etheralabs/Chain Dynamics, a NYC-based Blockchain Advisory and Venture Accelerator, and a board-member ofthe Blockchain Intelligence Group. Mr. Feinberg is a Licensed Investment Banker, holding series 7, 63 & 79 FINRA license designations, and is a founding partner of, a leading news source for digital assets. Mr. Feinberg is also the founder for Zephyr and P2Primex, all early stage launchpad tech-companies that develop and innovate the blockchain eco system, and is a certified member of the Financial Commission (FINACOM PLCLTD) ICO Certification Committee, an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body, that is dedicated specifically to Forex, and uniting brokers who uphold proper conduct that is required in all trade dealings.

Mr. Feinberg’s affiliation with The Financial Commission (FINACOM) and becoming our advisor comes as anendorsement of MBAex’s next phase of strategizing businesses, the further development and utilization of blockchain technology, promotion of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and ultimately, prompting the steady growth of the Company. Mr. Feinberg is a member of ICO Certification Committee (ICC) under the purview of The Financial Commission. ICC is established to answer the need for best practises to be established for industry ICO standards and ICO issuers. Mr. Feinberg’s invaluable resources and knowledge addsvalue and reputation to MBAex’s brand, ensuring all its potential clients and affiliates a safe and sound platform for cryptocurrency trading.


Mr. Feinberg is both deeply passionate and active across both the blockchain and crypto landscape, having involved with the development and providing guidance to mature and emerging FinTech startups within the blockchain industry. His understanding of the blockchain industry would helpMBAex set credible best practices and Industry ICO standards, in line with the Company’s ambition of becoming a certified and regulated ICO-issuer that fully complies with international and offshore jurisdictions.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Feinberg’s key-focus areas encompass not only in the banking and tech industry, but also embarks in the venture-capitalist start-ups with high potential yields.

Mr. Feinberg utilizes his expertise and experience to complement the following areas of industry, including Banking & Regulatory Compliance, Syndication,Intelligence, Wallet Security, Search, Machine Learning and Big Data. He has been instrumental in the development of Blockchain technology for the cryptocurrency trade.

The following are Mr. Feinberg’s impressive list of top credentials and affiliated Advisory Projects:
Blockchain Intelligence Group, Digits, Augmate, WandX, Ambrosus, CrayPay, Fastbase, Loci, Vaultbank, GNCompass, Ominex, Tokenix, Lydian, Decentralized Pictures, OpenPort

Mr. Feinberg was graduate and holder of Bachelor of Science from the Alfred University of New York City, New York, majoring in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Since graduating from university, Mr. Feinberg has been actively plying his trade in various industries, accumulating vast experiences in many businesses as he rose to prominence in the corporate ladder. His most notable accomplishments for the Blockchain industry are being appointed into the Advisory Board at Blockchain Intelligence Group (Series A Startup that has developed a suite of Proprietary Blockchain Based Applications), appointed partner at large at Blockchain News, appointed into the advisory board of the Blockchain, and founding his own tech-startups.

MBAex is dedicated in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of commercial honour and best business practices in conducting our business, hence our alliance with Mr. Bryan Feinberg as we have him on board as an official MBAex Advisor, shows our dedication and promise as we embark on our journey towards reaching ICO status, and providing greater good for the crypto-world. 

Mr. Feinberg’s expert advice and guidance would ensure that extensive due-diligence and verification processes are up to mark, while upholding the highest moral compliance and meeting all mandatory criteria and standards. MBAex is fully committed in providing only the best in class multi-blockchain assets to our affiliates and members, thus we strive harder to ensure that our mission of providing a safe and robust blockchain assets trading platform for all is consistently met and upheld. 

MBAex Operations Team