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MBAex is listed in “30 Most Trusted Brand to Watch in 2018” by The CEO Magazine

2018-05-10 10:03:46.0

Moving Forward - Establishing Excellence & Value

Esteemed MBAex CEO, Mr. Sebastian Ionut-Diaconu is being featured on the front cover of the international business publication titled - The CEO Magazine, a global business magazine with thought-provoking business, technology and lifestyle articles that inspire, innovate and disrupt the corporate world.

MBAex has received the honour and privilege to be featured in a six-page interview with cover-story highlights that depict MBAex’s journey from our CEO-Sebastian’s point of view.

In this featured story, MBAex is extremely honoured to be bestowed the reputable “30 Most Trusted Brand to Watch in 2018” by The CEO Magazine, this title has given us the impetus and inspire us as a Company to strive harder in fulfilling our vision and goals of becoming the absolute best in what we do.

Here’s to many more milestones and achievements for The Company, and kudos for being featured in a prominent international business publication!

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